Sherelle, 2/24/14. (#92, 93, 94)

Sometimes I forget she has a real name because everyone calls her “Doo.”  Doodoo literally means tummy in Chinese, but it’s basically a cutesy pet name for chubby babies- particularly the ones with huge, fluffy cheeks.  We all had fat cheeks as kids, but as the namesake would point out, Sherelle was the chubby champion.  Over the course of two decades, the baby fat has melted away and what the world now sees is a beautiful, strong young woman.  I’ve always known Sherelle was capable of great things, but she’s really come into her own these past few years.  Warm but determined, playful yet dutiful, she’s way more mature than I was at 22 and seemingly ready to take on anything.

This past year, she decided she wanted to be a police officer- not a common profession for a petite, college-educated, mildly-mannered woman from the suburbs.  But I’m not too worried because she’s done her research.  She’s fully aware of the challenges that lie ahead, and equally willing to face those challenges.  Dang.  To think, this is the same little girl that cried at the thought of riding a roller coaster… (This was like 15+ years ago.  She was barely tall enough to ride.  She did it anyway and survived, like a champ.)  I’m so impressed by her fearlessness and drive to defend and empower others.  Really looking forward to following her journey, wherever it may lead her.

Color: Red.
Style: Brave, honest, particular.  Rules, family.