Progress Update: 11/25/13

When I started this blog, I promised to use it to mark my progress towards a more creative career.  79/100 paintings later, I think I’m overdue.  So, here are some exciting new things that have come together in the last couple months.

  • I completed 79 5x7s.  They’re all here. Just keep scrolling. 
  • I re-learned that writing is hard.  Each 5x7 set takes a few days to paint, but it’s really the writing part that slows me down.  I’ve actually completed 85+ 5x7 paintings, just haven’t had the time to write something about each of them yet!  I would like to continue making and posting 5x7s here after I reach 100 paintings, but I may have to sacrifice some of the writing in order to keep moving at a decent pace.
  • I started an Etsy shop!  I’m selling prints and greeting cards of all the 5x7s from this site, as well as a few other paintings (shown above).  I love custom orders, so just send me a note if you have a request.  Check it out: sylvieceres designs (
  • I’m still trying to figure out what else to sell.  Let me know if you have ideas or requests.  Anybody in the market for a new iPhone cover?  Coasters?  A lunchbox?  You can pretty much print on anything these days.
  • I applied to be a vendor at a holiday craft fair, but didn’t end up getting accepted.   I knew it was a long shot but was still bummed.  Keeping my eyes open for similar opportunities in the future.

That’s pretty much it.  Have a good day!  Looking forward to your feedback in the final stretch of this project.  Thanks for reading and viewing! and feel free to ask me questions anytime. 

  1. jacqkao said: :) good luck with it all! sorry about the craft fair but i’m sure you will have other opportunities in the future. your art is really awesome!
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